Data Analysis

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Objective: All Access Effectiveness Legitimacy Participation Transparency
Sector: All Economy Education Energy Environment Healthcare Public Safety Transportation
Region: All Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America
Methodology: All Case Analysis Comparative Analysis Conceptual Framework Design Science Quantitative Analysis Statistical Modeling Survey
  • Scaling of City Attractiveness for Foreign Visitors Through Big Data of Human Economic and Social Media Activity
  • Urban Data Games: Creating Smart Citizens for Smart Cities
  • A sentiment analysis of U.S. local government tweets: The connection between tone and citizen involvement
  • Nowcasting Disaster Damage
  • A New Source of Data for Public Health Surveillance: Facebook Likes
  • Crowdsourcing Pedestrian and Cyclist Activity Data
  • Data democracy increased supply of geospatial information and expanded participatory processes in the production of data
  • Urban technology analysis matrix
  • Will Organization Design Be Affected By Big Data?
  • Governments and Citizens Getting to Know Each Other? Open, Closed, and Big Data in Public Management Reform
  • Participatory sensing: enabling interactive local governance through citizen engagement
  • Smart cities: the state-of-the-art and governance challenge
  • The Reliability of Tweets as a Supplementary Method of Seasonal Influenza Surveillance
  • A New Taxonomy of Smart City Projects
  • Law is Code: A Software Engineering Approach to Analyzing the United States Code
  • Smarter, Better, Faster: The Potential for Predictive Analytics and Rapid-Cycle Evaluation to Improve Program Development and Outcomes
  • Citizen Science: The Law and Ethics of Public Access to Medical Big Data
  • Big Data: Google Searches Predict Unemployment in Finland
  • Smart cities: moving beyond urban cybernetics to tackle wicked problems
  • Social Network Sites as a Mode to Collect Health Data: A Systematic Review
  • Smart cities from scratch? a socio-technical perspective
  • Big Data from the bottom up
  • Using Social Media to Measure Labor Market Flows
  • Structuring Big Data to Facilitate Democratic Participation in International Law
  • Cities’ Open Government Data Heart Beat
  • Surveying the citizen science landscape