Expert Networking

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Objective: All Access Effectiveness Legitimacy Participation Transparency
Sector: All Economy Education Energy Environment Healthcare Public Safety Transportation
Region: All Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America
Methodology: All Case Analysis Comparative Analysis Conceptual Framework Design Science Quantitative Analysis Statistical Modeling Survey
  • Opening Government: Designing Open Innovation Processes to Collaborate With External Problem Solvers
  • Open Source Governance—A More Ambitious Cousin of Collaborative Governance
  • Crowdteaching: Supporting Teaching as Designing in Crowdsourcing Communities
  • Using Crowds for Evaluation Tasks: Validity by Numbers vs. Validity by Expertise
  • Crowdsourcing medical expertise in near real time
  • Quizz: Targeted Crowdsourcing with a Billion (Potential) Users
  • True Collective Intelligence? A Sketch of a Possible New Field
  • Innovations in Global Governance: Towards a Distributed Internet Governance Ecosystem