Open Data

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Objective: All Access Effectiveness Legitimacy Participation Transparency
Sector: All Economy Education Energy Environment Healthcare Public Safety Transportation
Region: All Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America
Methodology: All Case Analysis Comparative Analysis Conceptual Framework Design Science Quantitative Analysis Statistical Modeling Survey
  • A Platform for Closing the Open Data Feedback Loop Based on Web2.0 Functionality
  • and Developing Open Crime and Justice Data for the UK
  • Parliamentary Information Visualization as a Means for Legislative Transparency and Citizen Empowerment?
  • Preparing for Responsible Sharing of Clinical Trial Data
  • Transparency in Search of a Theory
  • Overcoming Barriers to Data Sharing in Public Health: A Global Perspective
  • An In-Depth Analysis of Open Data Portals as an Emerging Public E-Service
  • Managerial Governance and Transparency in Public Sector to Improve Services for Citizens and Companies
  • ‘’: Delimiting transparency
  • Is Transparency a Recipe for Innovation?
  • Governments and Citizens Getting to Know Each Other? Open, Closed, and Big Data in Public Management Reform
  • Open Government and Democracy: A Research Review
  • Open Data as Universal Service. New perspectives in the Information Profession
  • Codifying Collegiality: Recent Developments in Data Sharing Policy in the Life Sciences
  • The Impact of Open Government on Innovation: Does Government Transparency Drive Innovation?
  • Assessing Social Value in Open Data Initiatives: A Framework
  • Opening Health Data: What Do Researchers Want? Early Experiences With New York’s Open Health Data Platform.
  • Towards Timely Public Health Decisions to Tackle Seasonal Diseases With Open Government Data
  • Privacy and Open Government
  • Opening Public Transit Data in Germany
  • Conceptualizing Open Data ecosystems: A timeline analysis of Open Data development in the UK
  • On the barriers for local government releasing open data
  • Benchmarking open government: An open data perspective
  • Exploration, Extraction and ‘Rawification’. The Shaping of Transparency in the Back Rooms of Open Data
  • Revolutionising Digital Public Service Delivery: A UK Government Perspective
  • How Open Data Are Turned into Services?
  • Breaking Public Administrations’ Data Silos
  • Cities’ Open Government Data Heart Beat
  • Examining the Determinants of Police Department Transparency: The View of Police Executives
  • Government Information Sharing: Is Data Going Out of the Silos, Into the Mines?
  • Reimagining Governance in Practice: Benchmarking British Columbia’s Citizen Engagement Efforts
  • The Open Data Era in Health and Social Care
  • The impact of online Freedom of Information tools: What is the evidence? Part 2. Practitioner Study
  • Analysis of users and usage for UK Citizens Online Democracy
  • Why Public Sector Agencies (Sometimes) Support Participatory Democracy Programs