Civic Technology

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Objective: All Access Effectiveness Legitimacy Participation Transparency
Sector: All Economy Education Energy Environment Healthcare Public Safety Transportation
Region: All Africa Asia Australia Europe North America South America
Methodology: All Case Analysis Comparative Analysis Conceptual Framework Design Science Quantitative Analysis Statistical Modeling Survey
  • Internet Voting for Expatriates: The Swiss Case
  • Crowdsourcing as a tool for political participation? – the case of Ugandawatch
  • Can 311 Call Centers Improve Service Delivery? Lessons from New York and Chicago
  • Real-time information about public transport’s position using crowdsourcing
  • The Decalogue of Policy Making 2.0: Results from Analysis of Case Studies on the Impact of ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling
  • Beyond just politics: A systematic literature review of online participation
  • Designing an Online Civic Engagement Platform: Balancing “More” vs. “Better” Participation in Complex Public Policymaking
  • Crowdsourcing Parking Lot Occupancy using a Mobile Phone Application
  • Collaborative approaches to public sector innovation: A scoping study
  • Mind the Map: The Impact of Culture and Economic Affluence on Crowd-Mapping Behaviours
  • Citizens' Use of New Media in Authoritarian Regimes: A Case Study of Uganda
  • Effects of the Internet on Participation: Study of a Public Policy Referendum in Brazil
  • Five design principles for crowdsourced policymaking: Assessing the case of crowdsourced off-road traffic law in Finland
  • The Third Sector and Online Citizen Empowerment: the Case of mySociety
  • The impact of online Freedom of Information tools: What is the evidence? Part 2. Practitioner Study
  • Analysis of users and usage for UK Citizens Online Democracy